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EQUIPMENT SERVICING Keep your gear safe, and ready to go!

We provide factory authorized service for all brands of dive equipment for which factory authorized repair parts are currently available. Generally, we can turn any service request around within 3 weeks. If you positively need it faster than that, a surcharge will apply.  

     Performance Guarantee Most manufacturers recommend you have your dive gear inspected and/or serviced once a year or every 100 dives, whichever comes first. If you have any problems with equipment related to a service we perform, within the recommended service interval, we will repair it for you absolutely free of charge. Further, if you have to pay additional and unexpected charges for rental equipment because of this failure, we will pick up those charges.

Equipment Services   
Regulator Assembly & Bench Test $100 Tank Valve Overhaul $25
Regulator Inspection & Bench Test Only $49 Tank Annual Inspection $10
Regulator Overhaul - 1st Stage $39 Visual Plus/Eddy Current $36
Regulator Overhaul - 2nd Stage or Octopus $39 Tank Tumbling $30
Buoyancy Compensator Annual Service $49 Tank Cleaning $30
Computer Battery Replacement + Battery $20 O2 Clean Tank $30
Tank Hydro (Aluminum) $35 O2 Clean Tank Valve $45
Tank Hydro (Steel) $42.50 Disassembly & Reassembly of Doubles $40

Service Notes:

          Dacor Regulators - Regulators produced by Dacor prior to 2001 no longer have manufacturer parts available and therefore, we cannot service them within manufacturer specifications.  

         Pre-1990 Aluminum Cylinders - We do not service or fill Aluminum scuba cylinders manufactured prior to 1990.